NeoGraft is the exciting new breakthrough that allows more men and women to take advantage of the benefits of no-scalpel/no-stitch Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) hair transplants, the newest and most natural looking hair transplantation method.   The  NeoGraft reflects significant advances in science, medicine, engineering and quality.  The advanced technology and clinical technique promote the increase in safety, precision, artistry and efficiency for the benefit of both the patient and the physician.  NeoGraft’s advanced instrumentation and automation  transform the hair transplantation procedure, and provide unparalelled quality and consistency in the process, promoting higher graft/hair viability.  NeoGraft was recently introduced into the United States, is FDA approved, and has been used in Europe and Asia for a decade.  As one of the first in the United States, it is now conveniently available to patients in Washington, Baltimore, Annapolis, and New York (opening in 2013).

There is a reason why only a small number of eligible hair loss patients actually undergo a hair transplantation, which is the only way to permanently restore hair.  Much has to do with the invasiveness of the STRIP method, the most common technique previously.  FUE through NeoGraft is an extremely effective procedure that allows for precise donor hair capture and artistic placement of new hair follicles to recreate a full and natural-looking hairline, while reducing recovery time and eliminating the unsightly linear scar associated with traditional hair transplants.  In addition, the NeoGraft offers the ability to do eye brow restoration, scar revision from previous STRIP hair transplants, and the use of body hair.  ALL WITHOUT A SCALPEL.

The FDA-approved NeoGraft automates the surgical removal, collection, and placement of individual hair follicles, one at a time, eliminating the need for doctors to remove a large strip from the back of the scalp (a procedure known as a linear-harvest Follicular Unit Transplant or STRIP FUT).  The targeted removal of individual hair follicles is known as “Follicular-Unit Extraction” or FUE, is a minimally-invasive procedure that has been available for several years, but until now has been too time-consuming and costly for both patients and physicians.